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Parameters and characteristics .

Photo multiplier FEU-142

Photocathode is semitransparent, tellurium-caesium.
Electrostatic focusing.
14 dinodes multiplier system.
Works in UV range: 112...365 nm.
Socket of RSh40 type.

Divisor current must be at least as 100 times higher that average anode current.

General parameters:
Normal power supply voltage is 2200V when spectral anodic sensitivity is 10000 A/W at wavelength 253.7 nm.
Real (tested) power supply voltage may be some less.
Backgroun current in darkness is lower than 8*10-11 A.
Spectral sensitivity of photocatode is at least 8*10-3 A/W at wavelength 253.7 nm.
Relative spectral sensitivity of photocatode is:
0.8% at wavelength 365 nm.
0.1% at wavelength 400 nm.

Maximim power supply voltage: 2400 V
Maximum anode current: 1.5 mkA
Maximum peak anode current during 5 min: 10 mkA
Minimum working range: 2000 hours

diam: 22mm
length: 80 mm
weight: 30 g

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  FEU-142 35.80 USD