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Parameters and characteristics .

Glow thyratron.
Intended for working with low signals and like a ionic relay.
Filing - neon.
Envelope - glass, miniature.
Mass - 4g.
Leds: 1 - Cathode, 2 - Anode, 3 - Grid.

General parameters:

Brightness: at least 80 Cd/m2
Viewing angle: at least 60 degree
Anode voltage:
free grid: <200V
Grid to Cathode connection: <140V
if grid current=1mkA: 85-150V
Discharge inception voltage:
Anode-Cathode: <150V
Grid-Cathode: 65-90V
Discharge maintaining voltage:
Anode-Cathode: <65V
Grid-Cathode: 85V
Discharge inception Grid current:
at Ua=150V: >2mkA
at Ua=120V: 8-40mkA
at Ua=85V: <100mkA
Anode curent:
in on-off operation: <35mA (amplitude)
in on-off operation: <7mA (average)
in trigger operation: <4mA (amplitude)
in trigger operation: <2mA (average)
Input signal amplitude: 1.5-15 V
Restoration time: >800mks
Working period:
in on-off operation: >4000 times
in trigger operation: >5000 hours

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