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Search result for G-807:
Factory logo   Name (click=photo) Price, USD   Equivalents Description
  Anodic cap 10mm 1.04 USD     For the tubes with anode about 9-10 mm (807...)
G-1625 5.90 USD  G-807   
G-807 4.86 USD  807   
PLK_807 2.19 USD     Socket for 807.
PLK_807g 2.70 USD     Socket for 807. Gold pins.
  PLK_807_6 2.39 USD     Socket for 807 with metal clamp.
  PLK_807_6/1 2.39 USD     Socket for 807. Metal clamp is from below.
  PLK_807_6g        Socket for 807 with metal plate and gold contacts.
  PLK_807_6g/1 3.53 USD     Socket for 807 with metal clamp from below and gold contacts.
  PLT_807_cg 15.10 USD     Teflon socket for G807 with yellow contacts.

Search result for TN50:
Factory logo   Name (click=photo) Price, USD   Equivalents Description
    TN 50 19.40 USD     Toroidal filament transformer 50W
sizes with winding:Ø25/Ø85,h35.
220V -> 2x(6.3V x 1A) + 2x(6.3V x 2A).
    TN 50-1 19.60 USD     Toroidal filament transformer 50W, size with winding:Ø20/Ø75,h40.
220V -> 2x(6.3V x 1A) + 2x(2.5V x 3A) + (5V x 3A).

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