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    PL24sh-2k 300 Russ.rubl.      

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    Dosimeter SFIORA double 8500 Russ.rubl.     Separate measurement of β & γ radioactivity from 0 to 999 mkSv/h (cpm/cm2). Working circle 16 ... 1 sec. β & γ radioactivity-time graphs. Sound & vibro alarm. Display of total accumulated radiation dose.
    Dosimeter SFIORA micro        Mounted in car alarm keychain. For measure of β + γ + x-ray radioactivity from 0.01 mkSv/h to 36000 mkSv/h. Working circle 4 ... 50 sec. Vibro, Beep and LED alarms with independent threshould.
    Kit for make Dosimeter SFIORA double         

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